ABRI-Tech business model is to maintain a core management group and subcontract the fabrication of our systems to specialty manufacturers. Our fabricators and consulting engineers take our design concepts and convert them into the reality of something that can be realistically manufactured. ABRI-Tech shares its offices with the mill operations and Forespect provides accounting and office support.

Cory Leggett


The Leggett family has been active in the forest products industry for over 75 years. Cory, (third generation) helped finance and manage the construction of a modern hardwood sawmill in Namur, Quebec. Cory is responsible for day to day management and business development.

Peter Fransham, PhD

VP Technology

Peter has been developing pyrolysis related systems since 1988. Peter works with our consulting engineers and fabricators to develop new systems and improve on the existing equipment line. He works directly with customers on commissioning the bioenergy systems.

Henry Leggett

Operations Manager

Henry is also part of the Leggett Group and has been active in the saw mill and logging operations prior to joining ABRI-Tech in 2008. He is responsible for ensuring the systems are operational. Henry transfers his knowledge of the ABRI-Tech systems to our customers.